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A Lifetime Journey in Creativity

Alexandre Ribeiro (Axelalex) is a singer-songwriter, musician and writer born in January 2000 in Santa Maria da Feira - Portugal.

Early on, Axelalex developed a passion for music and started teaching himself how to play the guitar, by the age of eight. A few years later he had already started writing and performing his own songs.

As a teenager he decided to go to the music school "Conservatório de Música da Jobra" and studied jazz, what gave him more dexterity in the world of improvised music. During this time, Axelalex discovered a whole artistic universe that slowly changed the way he expressed himself.

He started embracing and finding new different ways to make his "voice" heard. 

In 2017, Alexandre Ribeiro started actively writing novels, poems and song lyrics. His first book "O Amanhã de Ontem" was released in september that year.

During the times in the music school, he joined a jazz quintet where he played electric bass and formed a rock band, Red Light Carpet with some of his friends. This band gave him the opportunity to perform at festivals such as: Panamá in Douro (Gondomar), Gaia God Tellers (Porto-Gaia) and 100 Giorni all'esame San Gabriele (Italy). 

His passion for songwriting grew along and he started exploring the world of electronic music.

In 2019, Alexandre moved to Aachen - Germany (where he is currently based) and started working in a music studio and teaching at a music school. With these opportunities, along with a little push from the pandemic, his curiosity towards music production increased, so he started learning about mixing and mastering techniques, as well as working more often with DAW's.

Later on, Axelalex started releasing his music on online platforms. "Glassman", his first single, opened the doors to exciting places and to a new phase of his music career, followed by "Mnesic Tape", an EP full of the electronic sounds that bring us back to the past in an urge for celebration and "Broken Staircase", a trip in liminal spaces and the aesthetics of vaporwave.

His recent work, "Square Shapes"  is a single that marks a shift in his sound. For the first time, his voice complements the spatial and airy instrumentals following his big influences in Pop-Rock from the 80s and 90s. Icons like “Tears for Fears”, “Billy Idol”, “Foreigner” and many others, were a big inspiration while writing the song and guided his way in every decision. 

The song exposes the dangers of the power of technology if they end up in the wrong hands and how our perception of the world can be easily twisted. The track also features Samuel Oliveira on the drums and Helena Proença's cover art, as well as Dirk Neuß, a crucial help in the overall production of the song.

Photos by: Marco Rose

Axelalex Alexandre Ribeiro playing guitar


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