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Orange Clouds
"Back to the Land of Clouds" - Alexandre Ribeiro

I've missed them

And this sky's kingdom, 

Always moving, 

And changing place.


Our nature is similar, 




I see it all, 

The blue light carpet, 

The white room.


It's here, where they all live, 

Where they all breathe.


Mountains of snow,

That we can go through.


So quietly remote, 

Where the folks speak 

With no words.


We're all intruders, 

We come here to see them, 

And we come with words.


Like me right now, 

A foolish man 

Just being human.


We came with our songs, 

Noisy and Nasty. 

They give us their silence, 

In the best harmony. 


Still they seem to like our presence, 

That we come to visit our final destination, 

Our home, 

Beyond land 

Beyond clouds, 

Far, far beyond...

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