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Orange Clouds
"Land of Clouds" - Alexandre Ribeiro

High somewhere, 

Where dreams are heard

And dreamers admire

To have visited,

There's a land.


Where everything seems to fall,

The floor white like snow. 

Everything is an astonishing hall

And every piece of the ground, 

Floats with the flow. 


Where are only joyful tears,

For leaving a place, 

Coming back just maybe,

After many years.


A land full of light 

That never has a fight.

Staying is a wonderful delight, 

The land knows what's right.


The people that live in 

Know that Fate guides them, 

The way that guides the land 

Moving far, far...

Still they trust. 


Every place these lands meet, 

Is beloved by them

And when the joy tears the ground hit, 

They know, they must go.


A wonder the people from the land, 

They change the destiny with their hands, 

They love every human ground,

Yet they are strong to leave what they've found.


They fall for humans,

There wouldn't be enough pages 

To write these love stories

Between Humans and Clouders.


Still they leave, 

Because they have too.

They love eternally, 

Cause it's the best they can do.

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