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Orange Clouds
"Orange Line" - Alexandre Ribeiro

It's almost sarcastic,

The thought of being the only ones.


We look at the clouds,

In the point of no return.

From above,

And the world looks full of snow.


This is beyond me,

Beyond you,

Far beyond all of us.


A lovely land in the clouds

With our beloved ones.

The old ones believed it,

And it's true.


The circle spins and spins

And the orange line shines,

Above all...


Above all the ignorance,

That greedily shouts,

And blinds itself. 

They can't stop!

There are miracles happening,

Wake up!


Nobody seems to care,

They don't dare.





Blowing speakers,

Blank pieces of nothing

With dark symbols meaning anything.


Blinded by words,

And writing their words.


The orange line



Like fire.



Lighting up again,

Like a candle,

That never stops.


And hell burns,

Under heaven’s sky.


Downstairs it's scary.

Time is scary.

Our sleeves die soon.


Let's be,

Let's watch time stop,

In this endless sunset,


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